Take control of your labour NOW


Forget everything you’ve heard about this practice. If you’re anxious about your approaching birth, you might just be able to put those anxieties to rest.

Hypnobirthing teaches relaxation and self-hypnosis techniques, equipping you with all the tools you need for a stress-free birth.

Ideally, the earlier on in your pregnancy you start hypnobirthing, the better. But you could still benefit at any stage.

In classes, you can learn about optimal positions for birth, deep relaxation and breathing techniques to help keep you calm and in control.

You can find a certified teacher via the Hypnobirthing Institute. As this is a private practice not available on the NHS, you will have to pay. Classes can cost anything from £200 to around £450, so do your research before settling on a teacher.

Visit TheHypnobirthingAssociation.com to find teachers in your area.