9 Pregnancy Fatigue Tips

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Pregnancy is beautiful and all that, but it’s not for the faint of heart. Tiredness is one of the main complaints arising from this wonderful time. The good news is, there are myriad ways to combat the problem.

Try eating plenty of fruits and vegetables. Full of nutrients and vitamins, they’re a great source of energy.

There’s nothing like knocking back a glass of ice-cold water to wake you up. Plus, it’s great for your skin.

If you find yourself nodding off at your desk, walk it off. A good stroll around the office will help wake you up. Some light stretches at your desk won’t hurt, either. 

If you’re fortunate enough to work from home during your pregnancy or you’re on maternity leave, power naps are your saviour (next to us, of course). Even if you drive to work, take a little half-hour nap in your car. Set an alarm on your mobile phone or get a friend to call you when it’s time to get back to work. 

Once back at your desk, open a window and get some fresh airto stop you feeling drowsy. If your colleagues complain, just point to the bump. 

By the time you get home, a nice, relaxing bath and a glass of warm milk before bedtime might help you doze off nicely. 
If you find it uncomfortable sleeping, the DreamGenii Pregnancy Pillow might help (£37.95, Amazon). It supports your bump, back and knees and can be used as a feeding support pillow once baby’s born.


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