7 Awesome Pushchairs

Secret Saviours just made your life a thousand times easier with this selection of top wheels for your newborn

The pushchair world is a trip. With campaigns to rival BMW’s efforts, prams have officially become the new ‘it’ accessory for parents. These days, your buggy choice can say as much about you as the car you drive – and in some cases, the cost is almost as high.

In such a saturated market, choosing the right model for your baby can be overwhelming. Luckily for you, we’ve done the groundwork to bring you the coolest, most stylish designs out now.



Nowadays, you can’t swing a changing bag without bumping into a Bugaboo. This is one of the most coveted brands of ‘it’ buggies – and it has the price tag to match. Their Bee3 model (from £739 with carrycot) comes with a reversible base, extendable sun canopy and an under-seat basket and is available in 64 different colour combinations to suit your style. You can choose the colours of your chassis, seat fabric, sun canopy and carrycot. Plus you can buy various add-ons to pimp your Bee3 ride.


The Bee has gone through a reincarnation after its predecessors were met with mixed responses (check out these reviews for the Bee+ on Mumsnet), so here’s hoping Bugaboo have finally got it right this time.

Arguably the most photographed pregnant woman in the world right now, the Duchess of Cambridge loves this next buggy. Ever the trendsetter, Kate’s been spotted sporting Silver CrossSleepover model (£675) on many a strut through the park. We love its Chanel-esque quilted leatherette base – so chic. It also includes a padded pram liner and mattress (how lush!) and a footmuff to keep baby’s tootsies warm.


One customer via Feefo (it may have been the Duchess herself – she didn’t leave a name) said, “The service was quick and reliable, the products were accurately described and were delivered efficiently.”



If you thought we’d shown you the last of the expensive buggies, think again. Who better to design the most stylish pushchairs but an iconic fashion house? Like, say, Versace? That’s right, peeps. Donatella has turned her hand to designing strollers for the modern mum’s ultimate power look. This Patent Modular stroller is from the label’s Young Versace line and as you would expect from the brand, costs a cool £3,300. It combines a stroller, a bassinet and a car seat and comes with a matching bag and reversible seat, so baby can either look at the world or your beautiful, generous face.


Fendi makes this classic and charming Carrozzina pram (£1,240, Harrods). It’s made with all the luxe finishes you’d expect, including a hand-sewn leather-covered handlebar and chrome-plated framework. Rest assured in these two models, your kid will be sat front row anywhere.



No, we’re not talking 4X4s. This Peach All-Terrain Sneaker pushchair from iCandy (£640) is described by the company as “action packed” and suitable “for parents who want to show their child how to enjoy life to the maximum”. Exciting stuff!


Unfortunately, the carrycot is sold separately, so enjoying life to the max costs extra (£195 to be precise). On the plus side, the Sneaker comes with a lifetime warranty. 

For a slightly more affordable adventure, try Babyway’s XC S three-wheeler (£160.92, Amazon). This bad boy comes with a carrycot, making it suitable for newborns. Babyway says it’s “ideal for off-road use” and sports alloy wheels. (Jeremy Clarkson, is that you?)



For those of you expecting twins, you certainly won’t be left out of the style race. This adorable Supa Dupa Sis and Bro pushchair by Cosatto (£288, Pramworld) is our favourite. The double stroller has a flat position for newborns. Designed with a Parisian polka pattern on one side and a nautical sailor pattern on the other, as well as clearly marked labels, everyone knows where they stand. (Or rather, sit.) Plus, it’s a great way to avoid hearing thatquestion: “Which one’s which?”