Self-Care During Pregnancy

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Every year on July 24th, International Self Care Day promotes self-care and reminds us all that it’s a vital foundation of health. It’s a day for everyone all over the world to understand the importance of self-care and make it a part of their everyday lifestyle.


In pregnancy, more than ever, self-care should be a vital part of your daily routine. Whether you want to nourish yourself and your baby with the perfect pregnancy diet, or calm your mind with a little meditation, we know how tricky it can be to find the balance when you're relaxing for two!

And of course, many of you will be mums already, so finding ‘down-time’, where you, your bump and your other children, can relax and bond is especially important.

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So, we've put together some top tips and products that will help you feel your best all throughout your pregnancy.

Pregnancy Self-Care Tips

There’s so much to think about when it comes to pregnancy self-care - do you have pregnancy symptoms, like morning sickness, that you want to relieve, do you want to take more walks to get some fresh air, do you want to make sure you sleep better?

Most likely the answer is 'yes to all of the above', but it can be easier said than done when you’re already busy with work, family and social commitments, and you know - being pregnant!

That’s why we've taken the time to find the best products to aid your pregnancy self-care and make sure you can feel mentally and physically healthy all the way up to your due date.

1. Take care of your physical wellbeing

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We're kicking things off with your physical wellbeing.

It’s a common myth that whilst pregnant you should avoid exercise. In reality, a modified workout, a brisk walk, or a soothing prenatal yoga class will help keep you and your baby healthy.

Aside from the benefits for your body, exercise is great for your mind. A healthy way to release those feel-good endorphins, is to maintain a healthy weight and to get a moment of alone time each day!

If you are worried about modifying your workouts - or even finding the motivation to workout at all - read our top tips for keeping fit during pregnancy (and why not treat yourself to some fabulous maternal workout gear to give yourself a boost?!

We love these ultimate high impact workout maternity capris leggings by FittaMamma because they have a pocket!

Fittamamma ultimate maternity workout leggings

And this Nike Dry Fit Maternity Tank Top would make the perfect accompaniment – it's made from sustainable fabric in sizes from XS to XXL.

Nike Dry Fit Maternity Tank Top

You might want to focus on your eating habits too, as this can really help you look and feel your best.

In short make sure you're getting plenty of goodness through a varied diet and avoid the obvious (e.g. caffeine). If you’re not sure where to start with an energy boosting, pregnancy safe diet – begin here.

2. Take care of your skin health & beauty

Your skin can change a lot during pregnancy. If you want to know how to treat pregnancy skin concerns check out our blog because there are certain ingredients you should avoid as well as skin conditions to look out for. But one top-tip that will keep your skin looking radiant throughout pregnancy is to keep hydrated. Pregnancy self-care should start by making sure you drink between 8 to 10 cups of water a day!

For the ultimate beauty pampering session we are big fans of a gift set (yes, you can buy a gift set for yourself  - but if you’re having a baby shower, it’s the perfect time to share your ideal gift list with friends and family – after all, it doesn’t have to be all about baby does it?!)

This Mum-To-Be-Bundle by Neal’s Yard Remedies includes a lovely beeswax lip balm, a geranium and orange shower gel for a refreshing and gentle cleanse, a gorgeous, deeply nourishing hand cream, a natural defence hand rub to kill any unwanted bacteria, a peppermint and lime roll-on deodorant and a reviving white tea facial mist to leave you refreshed and hydrated when pregnancy leaves you feeling hot and sticky.

Mum-To-Be-Bundle by Neal’s Yard Remedies

3.Take care of your mental wellbeing

You may find yourself getting a little more stressed than usual during your pregnancy.  Worries about labour, the health of your baby and your own wellbeing too can make life a little hard to cope with at this time. If you’re feeling unable to cope with this stress talk to your doctor or midwife, but if you feel a little self-care will help you find some inner peace, then head over to our previous blog.

One simple tip to keep yourself stress-free is take a long relaxing bath. We just love this Me-Time-Self-Care-Bundle, it’s had rave reviews from mums-to-be who swear by the relaxing bath soaks and salts. They are all deeply calming and soothing and are the ultimate self-care products for tired pregnant bodies and minds!


And, of course, you already know where to turn if the thought of pregnancy stretch marks is stressing you out. Our range of stretch mark preventionwear can save your bump, boobs, legs and bottom from stretch marks, so why not buy your Secret Saviours Kit now.

mums-to-be wearing secret saviours stretch mark preventionwear

4. Take Care Of Those Pesky Pregnancy Symptoms

The lead up to birth can be beautiful, but it can also include less-beautiful things like morning sickness and all the aches and pains of carrying a baby around for 9 months! So here are a few of our favourite soothing, relaxing remedies to ease symptoms and give yourself a treat.

If you are in need of a hot water bottle (heat can be great to ease muscles, relax, and drift off to sleep!) you need to try this full body bottle that can be cuddled, wrapped over the shoulders or worn as a belt around the lower back to target wherever you need it to warm-up the most.

9.  full body bottle that can be used in multiple ways

A cup of tea is truly the ultimate relaxer - but pregnant women are meant to avoid caffeine… what's a girl to do?! Well, Zen Maitri pregnancy tea is specifically made for women in their second and third trimesters. It’s delicious and relaxing, and this herbal blend is uterus-toning and mood-enhancing helping support a smooth and happy pregnancy. This delicious tea is also mild enough to keep you hydrated and nourished with its supportive natural ingredients - even when your stomach is so upset you can't seem to keep anything down! It’s vital to get your nutrients in, so if cravings are making your diet difficult this tea is a great option. For more information on caffeine in pregnancy, why not check out our past blog 

Zen Maitri pregnancy tea

We all know how vital restorative sleep is for your mental and physical health. So, especially whilst pregnant, it’s so important to get good rest.

Things to help you drift off include sticking to a routine, avoiding eating or drinking too close to bedtime, and putting down your phone (or any other screens) for an hour or so before bed. However if those pregnancy niggles are still disrupting your sleep we have a few things that you can try.

If finding a comfy position is your problem, invest in a V shaped pillow. This cosy, woollen, V-shaped pillow is machine washable and is the perfect thing to snuggle up with to finally get comfortable. (It's also sustainable, biodegradable and can be sourced back to a gorgeous UK based farm!)

11. cosy, woollen, V-shaped pillow


Another tip for any insomniacs out there - try the DoDow DoDow. You're probably thinking 'the what?!' but this is a great relaxation tool that utilises cognitive behavioural psychology, meditation and yogi techniques to lull you to sleep. From your bedside it shines a soothing blue light onto the ceiling that ebbs and flows to slow your breathing and soothe your heart rate.

13. great relaxation tool that utilises cognitive behavioural psychology, meditation and yogi techniques to lull you to sleep

Finally, we have 7 useful tips on how to get the sleep you need in our blog 7 ways to sleep better when pregnant.


Stress is a serious drain on your body, and it can have its impact on your baby too!

All the self-care pregnancy tips and tools we've already mentioned will help you to relax, but there are a few other things that you can try to really treat yourself.

Hop in a bath! You have to be careful about using pregnancy safe bath products, but a fairly quick, warm bath can decrease swelling in your arms and legs, ease muscle pain, help with haemorrhoid pain, relieve stress, improve your sleep and even prevent premature contractions.

Aromatherapy candles not only make your whole room smell gorgeous, but they can be really relaxing too.  This pregnancy-bump candle from Cradle & Tonic is perfect for pregnancy self-care. Delicately blended with mood-boosting lemon essential oils, with calming notes of lavender, petitgrain, and ylang ylang, burning this candle will transport you to a soothing, floral place where you can start connecting with bump and baby.

pregnancy-bump candle from Cradle & Tonic

Try out some yoga and meditation to shake out your aches, get your blood pumping, and your breath flowing - whilst also clearing out your mind. There are plenty of great prenatal yoga classes you can do if you like group workouts, or online options if you prefer a little privacy.

Final self-care pregnancy ideas from us are just some soothing, restful activities that can calm your mind, relieve some stress and get you excited for pregnancy! Mums to be can spend their evenings scrapbooking all those precious moments – we love this pregnancy story journal. Record your pregnancy for your future baby, plan your labour day, brainstorm baby names and marvel in the wonder of your changing body!

pregnancy story journal

Or why not lose yourself in a mindfulness colouring book like this one, where you can let your brain switch off as you create beautiful designs worthy of a place on the wall!

17. mindfulness colouring book by Emma Farrarons

Pregnancy self-care tips conclusion

We hope these pregnancy self-care tips have given you lots of ideas about how to look after yourself during this precious time.

Just remember to listen to your body; if you need a day off work, an early night or a big treat of a meal - indulge in it. Don't stress yourself out trying to push yourself to the max, and accept help or support when its offered!

Now go enjoy your pregnancy!