#RecipeSaviours: Sparkle Punch

Summertime and the drinkin’ is easy

With this unusual heatwave we’re enjoying in the UK, you must be absolutely parched. We certainly are! That’s why we’re sharing this gorgeous drink recipe from Candace Braun Davison at delish.com. 


Serves: 8
Good for: Gulp! Ahhhhhh… 


1 part cranberry juice
1 part lemonade
2 litre bottle ginger ale
1 lemon, sliced 


• Pour even parts cranberry juice and lemonade into a pitcher, stirring to combine. Top with ginger ale, adjusting to taste. (If you're using a 20oz bottle of lemonade and 20oz of cranberry juice, Candace would add 10oz of ginger ale.)
• Pour into glasses filled with ice, garnishing each cup with a lemon slice. Serve.

And that’s that! Cheers!

Recipe by Candace Braun Davison; image courtesy of Jessica Marx/delish.com