Mummy’s Little Helper

Who's been your biggest help during your pregnancy?

From helping us out around the house to putting up with our crying hysterically into a ball of tissues at the sight of an Andrex advert (well, that puppy is just too darn cute!), they’ve been there for us throughout our pregnancy.

Whether it’s our mum, husband or even a total stranger offering us a seat on the tube, there’s always someone we can rely on when we need support the most – sometimes even when we don’t.

These ladies have come over all bashful about the important people in their lives.

For Sophie, the person who’s been the most helpful during her pregnancy is her hubby.

“He’s been fantastic. He’s definitely my number one member of my team at the moment,” she said at 18 weeks pregnant. Aww!

“I do crack the whip but he doesn’t have a choice!” she added. Hang in there, Dad!

Amanda’s rock is her mum. At 27 weeks, she’s been loving all the wise advice her mother passes on. “She’s full of advice, but it’s good advice – nothing’s forced on you,” Amanda told us.

So far, understanding and wisdom have been the key. But food doesn’t hurt either…

“My husband’s solution to everything is. ‘Just feed her,’ which, given my appetite, is probably the best solution that there is,” said Jess, 25 weeks pregnant with her first baby.

Let this be a lesson to all non-bearers in supporting roles – when in doubt, get the snacks out!

Who’s been your rock during your pregnancy? Do tell!