All You Ever Wanted To Know About Hypnobirthing

Forget everything you think you know about this method of childbirth. This is the definitive explanation

Whether this is your first pregnancy or your fifth, when it comes to the decision on how to bring this child into the world, you always have a choice. 

If you would feel safer on gas and air, epidurals and C-sections, then you should absolutely opt for this. But if you’d prefer to take a more natural approach to childbirth, then hypnobirthing might be the option for you.

Hypnobirthing teaches relaxation and self-hypnosis techniques, equipping you with all the tools you need for a stress-free birth. No-one is hypnotised and you are always in total control. According to The Hypnobirthing Association, it “uses the power of positive language to combine easy to learn methods of deep relaxation, breathing techniques, visualisation and affirmative positive thinking to reduce anxiety, fatigue and fear and, as a result, also reduce pain”.

According to a testimonial from the website, Nicola, on her third pregnancy when she opted for a hypnobirth, had a very different experience the last time around. Her partner Martin said, “Nicola remained in control of her body throughout the labour using the techniques that Helen had showed her. When the midwives showed up they didn't even think Nicola was in labour because she was so calm and relaxed. After the birth the midwives commented that they wished they had filmed the whole thing because from their point of view it was a textbook birth.” Click here to read more birth stories from the website.

Ideally, the earlier on in your pregnancy you start practising hypnobirthing, the better. But you could still benefit at any stage.

If you live in Essex or the north west, you can benefit from free hypnobirthing lessons at One to One. Alternatively, find a teacher via The Hypnobirthing Association. As these are private teachers not available on the NHS, you will have to pay. Classes can cost anything from £200 to around £1,200, so do your research before settling on a teacher.

Which method of childbirth are you going for and why? Let other mums-to-be know below.