Your Baby Week By Week

From a grape to a cabbage, which fruit or vegetable does your baby's size match?


Week 8 – A Grape


By this point, the baby's head is just starting to form, its heart beginning to beat and its placenta is developing. 

Week 12 – A Plum


Baby's eyes are formed while its fingers and toes are developing. 

Week 15 – A Tomato


Your baby is fully formed!

Week 20 – A Grapefruit


You might start to feel your little one moving now and its hair is starting to grow.

Week 24 – An Aubergine


Baby will be moving around a lot more and might even start hiccupping and sucking its thumb!

Week 28 – A Cabbage


Your baby's now starting to plump up, with fat starting to accumulate.

Week 32 –  A Melon


The little one is almost ready, with full lungs and developed placenta.

Week 36 – Romaine Lettuce


Your baby now has fingernails! 

Week 40 – A Watermelon (A Large One)


By now, your little one has gained a lot of weight and labour is due any day now…

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