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    Three calming, pregnancy safe luxuries, worth £147

    pregnant woman and partner preparing healthy meal

    This week’s giveaway is all about you! We’re offering three fabulous products that will leave you feeling relaxed inside and out.

    The first is all about bathtime. This wonderful bottle of Calm Herbivore Calm Bath Salts (RRP £17) will calm all your senses, while detoxifying your hard-working pregnancy body. Infused with Himalayan pink salts, this clever bath soak will leave you feeling relaxed and soothed.

    And there’s nothing better than a long hot soak with the scent of a Jo Loves candle wafting around the room. We especially like the Jo Loves Fig Trees Home Candle (RRP £55), which instantly takes you to the Italian countryside, with the smell of fresh ripe figs, sweet cassis and warm amber.

    The final of our three products is the fabulous De Mamiel Pregnancy Facial Oil (RRP £75), which has been carefully produced to be safe for use during pregnancy, especially after the first trimester. This hormonally-charged oil will sooth and calm your skin, reducing any redness or dry patches. There’s no better way to highlight your pregnancy glow!

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    Stretch Marks

    Full Briefs stretch mark prevention kit

    If you’re interested in preventing stretch marks during your pregnancy, then you’ve come to the right place. 

    Secret Saviours is a clinically proven 3-step system with an 82% success rate.

    Our unique Stretch Mark Prevention Kit was invented by medical scientists at University Hospital College London and is centred around clever textile technology in our underwear, which gently grips the skin, dispersing stress as is stretches and blocking the path of stretch marks as they try to rip downwards.

    Accompanied by a Day Gel, to help the underwear grip your skin, and a Night Cream, to keep your skin nourished, our Kits really are a pregnant women’s best friend.

    Underwear comes as a Bump-Band or Full-Briefs.