Maternity Clothes

Maternity Clothes

No need to resort to stealing your other half's jumpers. You have options!

Pregnancy can be a scary time for your wardrobe. Suddenly, the simplest clothes no longer fit. The good news is, it’s a perfect excuse for shopping. (Gotta love that silver lining!)

You needn’t worry when it comes to having a stylish pregnancy. The way some of these celebs dress their bumps can create looks that are even better than those without a bump.

If it’s casual pieces you’re after, the high street will never let you down. Jeans are the easiest thing to dress – whether you’re out to dinner on date night or just lunching with friends. And the maternity options out there are impressive, to say the least. See for yourself. Click here to see our blog post rounding up the 8 best pregnancy jeans.

Keep stretch marks at bay under your jeans with the help of our Anti Stretch Mark Underwear. Part of a genius pack including a band, our Day Gel, to be applied before wearing the band and a Night Cream to help keep your skin moisturised, you can keep this secret while staying stylish and comfortable.