Are you here to join the stretch mark prevention revolution?

Don’t be one of the 8 out of 10 women who get pregnancy stretch marks. Join the 82% of women who come out of pregnancy stretch mark free thanks to Secret Saviours clever textile technology.

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How does the technology work?

Using Dermal Support Technology™ clever tacky pads in our maternity underwear will gently grip your skin dispersing pressure that builds up as it stretches over your growing bump.

This process will prevent you from getting any of the small itchy micro-tears that mark the beginning of a stretch mark.

And just in case a micro-tear does appear the pads have been developed in a random pattern so they will block the path of any stretch mark trying to spread downwards at right angles to your body’s natural skin links.

How to use the Kits

You’ll find 3 essential products in your Stretch Mark Prevention Kit. To make our 3-step system effective you'll need to start using all of them daily as soon as your bump begins to show.

  •  Apply the Day Gel – This will allow the pads printed onto the Bump Band/Full-Briefs to grip your skin adequately
  • Wear the Band or Full-Briefs – This will immediately disperse skin pressure and block the path of stretch marks trying to tear downwards
  • Apply the Night Cream – This will nourish your skin and keep it supple after you remove the Band/Full-Briefs at night

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Prevent stretch marks and gain bump and back support, with scientifically proven and award-winning technology.

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