These annoying symptoms can be avoided

Pregnancy might be the most amazing experience in the world, but it can also be one of the most uncomfortable. Not only do you have morning sickness and backache to contend with, but heartburn and constipation, too!

You have your changing hormones to thank for heartburn. They slow down your digestive system, causing your uterus to crowd your stomach so, when it comes to your stomach acids, the only way is up.

Try eating several small meals throughout the day rather than three heavy ones. And avoid anything spicy, fried or rich. Also, try not to drink and eat at the same time. You can also try heartburn relievers like Gaviscon.

Constipation occurs for a few reasons. Namely, hormones (again), plus taking various supplements. Your now busy uterus will also put pressure on your rectum, which can also be a cause.

As in most cases, water is the key. If you can get through 2 litres a day, you’re winning. Warm liquids first thing in the morning could also help, as well as regular exercise.

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