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Five Star Review

I was starting to get angry looking, little pink stretch marks when a friend recommended this product. I started using the entire kit and all the stretch marks I had went away. My baby is now 6 days old and I have no stretch marks and my skin is lovely and soft from using the gel and cream daily

39 weeks and I have no stretch marks

I have been using the Secret Saviours system since I was 20 weeks pregnant. I am now nearly 39 weeks and I have no stretch marks at all! I am so delighted as I was really worried about this possibility as I developed a lot of stretch marks during puberty. I have also found the band to be extremely supportive to my bump. I have had no back pain during this pregnancy and I wonder if wearing the band has contributed to this outcome. I would recommend this system to anyone. In my opinion it is 100% worth the cost and I would use it again in any future pregnancy. Highly, highly recommended!

A big bump and no stretch marks!!

At 37 weeks + 1, my little (or not so little) bundle is getting closer to being here. I couldn’t have done without Secret Saviours bump band, gels and creams and am delighted so far that I have a baby measuring on the 98th centile, a big bump and no stretch marks!! I have some old stretch marks on my hips from puberty so thought I was destined to get loads. I find the band really comfortable to wear and find that it is supportive for lower back pain also, I've used it every day and feel odd if I don’t wear it! The gel and creams are gorgeous, in scent and the way they feel on the skin. The customer service is first rate and I will most certainly be restocking on their products for any future pregnancies as well as continuing to tell my pregnant friends.

Five Stars from me!

I would like to say how amazingly surprised I was when I saw the results from using Secret Saviours. I bought the kit early on in my pregnancy and since then been totally obsessed with it. I would recommend it to everybody. I developed stretch marks in my first pregnancy, but this time I can 100% say I have not developed one single new stretch mark (all I have is my previous ones which, since using the cream, have faded even more than before I began). I'm so happy with this product that I am continuing to use the night cream and to be honest I cant live without it! Thank you secret saviours for inventing something that actually does what it says!!! 5☆