At last pregnancy stretch marks are preventable

Secret Saviours is the only product in the world clinically proven to help prevent stretch marks. Competitor creams and oils can only claim to help reduce their appearance. Invented by scientists, our stylish, comfy bands have special patented pads that work by gently gripping the skin, stopping it tearing and forming stretch marks. In trials, a whopping 82% of women using Secret Saviours didn't get stretch marks.

Easy to use stretch mark prevention system

Our specially formulated Day Gel is worn daily under the support band to keep it in place. And before bed the Bump Band is taken off and our fragrant Night Cream applied to continue moisturising your skin as you sleep. Both are packed with Centella Asiatica – well known for boosting collagen and skin strength.

Free moisturising night cream

We’re offering the first 500 customers a free Night Cream when you buy a Bump Band and Day Gel as single products. This is £15.97 cheaper than if you bought the three products together in our Anti Stretch Mark Pack.

But hurry! The offer is for the first 500 customers only.

Read our reviews

'Forget creams and oils, this really works' Susan, Wimbledon.

'No stretch marks in second pregnancy' Joanna Slater.

'It works, a pregnancy staple' Vicky, Surrey.

'Absolutely NO STRETCH MARKS' 'Well, I didn't believe it but they've only gone and done it! I now have a 5 week old baby and a completely stretch mark free (and exceedingly pleased) wife! It was also oustanding for back support during pregnancy, and she is still using it now post birth to help with supporting her stomach muscles whilst they are reforming. She LOVED the creams too - all in all, a total winner. The best £70 you'll ever spend (as far as pleasing a pregnant other half goes).' Greg Rigolo.