Caffeine In Pregnancy

So you’ve found yet another thing you must cut back on now you’re pregnant – caffeine! But fear not. You’ll be surprised at the alternatives

If you’re pregnant and a 'coffiend', we can understand your feelings of dread hearing the Food Standards Agency state that pregnant women should limit their daily caffeine intake to 200mg.

The problem is, a recent report has revealed our favourite high street coffee meccas are making our beloved lattes with varying caffeine content. For instance, a Costa Coffee contains 157mg of caffeine while a cup from Starbucks has 51mg.

But you’ll be ecstatic to know there’s an enjoyable way around this which involves chocolate – among other goodies.

You can replace your uncertain caffeine intake with a bar of milk chocolate – or eight – without fear of reproach. Alternatively, tuck in to four bars of plain chocolate; or two cans of energy drinks; five cans of cola; four cups of green tea; or two cups of instant coffee. Each option makes up 200mg of caffeine! Who knew?!

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