At last surgeons have invented a system to prevent stretch marks!

To understand the science behind Secret Saviours, it helps to have a heads up on stretch marks and what gets them started.

The problem stems from stresses and strains building up in the dermis, the middle layer of the skin, which is made up of a flexible network of interconnected fibres. These fibres allow your skin to stretch as your body grows. However, rapid growth can cause tiny little micro tears to form at pressure points and eventually, if the pressure continues, the dermis is partially torn. These fault lines in the dermis allow the blood vessels below to show through, which is why stretch marks are often red or purple when they first appear. When the blood vessels eventually contract, the pale-coloured fat underneath your skin will be visible, and your stretch marks will change to a silvery-white colour.

Now you don’t have to get stretch marks

Our inventors made it their mission to stop pregnancy stretch marks from forming. They invented our revolutionary stretch mark prevention band, with special pads to gently hold the skin in place, defusing and spreading the tension of stretching skin, making it harder for stretch marks to form. Used in combination with our day gel, which holds the pads in place, and our night cream which helps support and moisturise the skin, our revolutionary, wearable tech, means now you don’t have to get stretch marks.

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