10 Things You Need To Have On Your Baby Bucket List

pregnant woman and partner making a bucket list


Prepping For Your Little One To Arrive?


Prepping for your little one to arrive is an exciting time for any soon-to-be-mums. So it’s no surprise that we’re so focused on the future we forget all about what we could be doing in the present. 

That’s where our baby bucket list comes in — providing a handy collection of things parents might want to do before that big day. You may be waiting in anticipation for baby’s arrival, but that’s no reason not to have some quality fun in the meantime – right?

Ready to get stuck into a pre-baby bucket list? We are too. Read on for ten of the things you need to have on your pregnancy bucket list before your new arrival makes an appearance.


1. Go on a babymoon


    Many of us underestimate how difficult travelling with a tiny human can be. Of course, it’s possible, but it’s not quite as relaxing as when you’re pregnant. Before your little one arrives, consider adding a babymoon for you and your partner to your pregnancy bucket list.

    pregnant woman knelt on a sandy beach looking at baby bump

    A little sun, sea and relaxation are just what’s needed to keep you calm before baby’s arrival. Make sure to check travel restrictions for specific locations, some destinations are no go zones for pregnant women because of diseases like Zika, which can be caught from mosquitoes and can cause birth defects.  Apart from that - go wild with a babymoon you’re sure to remember.


    2. Give the house a major overhaul


      We all know about nesting – but what happens when you take that instinct to the next level? 

      Giving your home a major overhaul is a nice way to make a fresh start. Have a big clear-out of all the bits and bobs you don’t need, before baby is born, and maybe even pick up a paintbrush to give your home a fresh coat. It’ll be much harder to do that renovation or fix something when you have a newborn. Add sprucing up to your pre-baby bucket list, and your home will be baby-ready in no time.


       3. Get in all the naps while you have the chance


        Who doesn’t like a midday catnap or a luxurious lie-in? Sleep should feature high up on your pre-baby bucket list. After all, once the baby comes, sleep might be few and far between for a few weeks. Catch your zzz’s early and take as many naps as you like.

        Whether it’s some shut-eye on the sofa or retiring to bed in the early afternoon, napping is one of those little luxuries that deserves to be at the top of your pregnancy bucket list. 


        4. Get snappy with a photoshoot


          Whether you’re a fan of traditional maternity shoots or you want something more modern – or even something a little sexy – now is the time to check this off your pre-baby bucket list. You’ll want to remember and cherish your pregnancy forever, and there’s no better way to do that than with a pregnancy photoshoot. 

          Whether it’s your first pregnancy or second, you’ll want to treasure all the little things, including that beautiful bump. Memories might fade (blame baby brain), but photographs you can treasure forever, and you can show them to your little one!


          5. Go with the flow


            If you’re the kind of person that enjoys an impromptu walk in the park, last-minute dinner plans or simply popping to the shops for some retail therapy, you’ll want to get your fill now. Take the opportunity to live as freely as you can, because babies are usually fans of routine over the carefree. Be spontaneous, and maybe even say yes to things you wouldn’t normally do – all in the name of expanding those horizons.


            6. Invest in stretch mark prevention


              secret saviours kit with flowers by a windowYour body goes through many changes during pregnancy. Everyone always talks about the ‘pregnancy glow’ or the thick, luscious hair. But there are some slightly less exciting changes, too, like dry patches and stretch marks. 

              There’s nothing wrong with a few imperfections – who wants to look the same as everyone else anyway? – but there’s nothing wrong with a little prevention.

              A staggering 8 out of 10 women (80%!) will get stretch marks while pregnant. While many people think that they’re just part of the pregnancy package, we believe that you don’t have to suffer. Secret Saviours’ revolutionary techwear is the only skincare system in the world that has been clinically proven to help prevent stretch marks. With our innovative system, that number goes down to just 20%.

              When worn daily throughout pregnancy, the Bump Band — as well as the nourishing Day Gel and soothing Night Cream – secretly gets on with the job of preventing stretch marks, whilst mums-to-be get on with the job of growing their baby. It’s completely safe for both mum and baby, so if preventing stretch marks is at the top of your baby bucket list, this is the only thing that can help.

              Find out more about Secret Saviours here.


              7. Start saving those pennies


                Babies can be more expensive than anyone ever thinks – which makes them a challenge to budget for. But beyond what your little one needs, every parent should have a bit of their own pampering. Start saving up cash where you can for a ‘just for me’ fund, and you’ll soon have a nice nest egg to use when the days gets tough, and that extra-large Starbucks Frappuccino or takeaway meal would make all the difference. 


                8. Put on those favourite clothes


                  Once the little one is here, you’ll most likely be forgoing those cute heels, dangly earrings and flirty dresses in exchange for comfort, comfort, comfort. There’s nothing wrong with living in loungewear for those first few months. But you’ll be missing your favourite wardrobe pieces in no time. Take the time to wear your favourite pieces now, then they won’t be SO missed when it comes to the months you have apart.


                  9. Have plenty of evenings in


                    partner feels pregnant womans tummy
                    Time with your partner can be in short supply for the first few months with a new baby, so any opportunity for a takeaway and quality time together should be on your pre-baby bucket list. Get all the fun in now — be it cuddling on the couch or doing something a little sexier. Plus, your partner could use a break, too. Studies show that partners can suffer pregnancy symptoms, too.


                    10. Visit friends and further-flung family


                      Some quality one-on-one time with friends and family can be precisely the thing you need on your pre-baby bucket list — whether it’s a meal out with the girls or travelling halfway across the country to see your favourite cousins. 

                      pregnant woman laughs with friends at baby shower

                      A little time with the ones you love is the best way to round off your pregnancy, especially since they will probably be the ones doing the visiting for the next few months. Take mum and dad out for a dinner, and get in all the Girl’s Nights that you can! 

                      What items feature on your baby bucket list? At Secret Saviours, we know just how essential it is to take time for yourself before baby. With this inspiration, it’s possible to create your own pregnancy bucket list. 

                      No pressure here – whether you want to climb a mountain or cook a proper meal once a week, there’s no wrong way to make a pre-baby bucket list for you and your loved one.

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