Is it Friday yet? 


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    Newly-pregnant fitness goddess but worried about harming your baby? Let this be your guide

    Check out these tips to ensure a safe fitness regime – but please don't forget to consult your doctor, too.

    Now, go forth and jog!

    They grow up so fast – but two minutes takes the biscuit!

    Happy Monday! Oh yes it is. Still not convinced? This adorable video will help.

    If you need a Monday morning lift, Teddy certainly made ours. 

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    The 2015 Oscars are upon us. Who’ll take the award for Best Picture? Our money’s on these tykes

    Secret Saviours would like to share a funny video in honour of tomorrow’s Academy Awards, courtesy of some clever folks at CineFix.

    We reckon this is a much better way to find out what films are up for Best Picture.

    And while we’re on the subject, for no particular reason, we’d like to thank our parents – without whom none of this would be possible; our dog, Sparky; the butcher; the baker; the candlestick maker…

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    Struggling with morning sickness? You've come to the right place


    Happy Weekend! This one goes out to all the newly-pregnant women out there suffering from morning/day/night sickness. We hope this quick and easy recipe from *Jason Vale will help. 

    It's worth a shot. (Geddit?)

    * Juice Master Extraordinaire

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    It's the Year of the Sheep, but we reckon every year belongs to this cheeky fella!

    Check out this hilarious GIF of a mischievous sheep and an unsuspecting mortal.

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    A Manchester-based mum-to-be trialled Secret Saviours 20 weeks into her pregnancy. Find out if it worked for her

    Meet Martyna Sobol. One could be forgiven for thinking she’s a model, so while reading this, it helps to constantly remind yourself that our product is used by real women and not just perfect beings, as this picture would lead you to believe.

    Secret Saviours approached Martyna at week 20 of her first pregnancy and she admits she was skeptical.