Keep Cool This Pregnancy

Check out these great tips on keeping your temperature down this summer


We all love a bit of sun and warmth on our bodies, but when you're pregnant, it's sometimes the last thing you need. For starters, you often feel warmer than usual as your body works to regulate the heat made by your baby. Between that and the UV rays we’re desperate to avoid with copious amounts of sunscreen, sometimes all you want to do is stay indoors. But you don’t need to miss out on all the sun fun. Just try these simple tricks to help keep you cool in a heatwave.


When in doubt, drink! It’s important to stay hydrated throughout the day with plenty of cold water. Try putting a bottle in the freezer the night before you go out.

Damp Cloth

While you’re knocking back the H2O, save some to douse on a cloth to apply to your neck. You might be surprised to find there’s nothing better when the heat gets too much. Also, try placing it on your forehead or the top of your head. 

Wrist Under The Tap

Try running the cold tap and holding your wrists under it for quick relief.  

Go For A Swim

Whether you’ve got an indoor swimming pool or a membership with your local lido, dive right in! Swimming doesn’t just cool you down, it’s also great for relieving the weight on your sciatic nerve, which extends from the backs of your thighs to your calves.  

Breathable Wardrobe

Wear natural, absorbent fabrics like linen or cotton, perfect for those sweaty trips. They can also help prevent heat rash, which is common during pregnancy. And when it comes to the perfect opportunity to wear a fabulous wide-brim hat, there’s no time like the present. 

Carry A Water Spray

There’s no need to splash out here. Go low-budget with a simple bottle and spray. You can buy these from a chemist.  

Find Shade

There’s nothing wrong with finding some shade when the sun is on full blast. You’ll be glad you did! 


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How are you keeping cool during your pregnancy this summer? Tweet us your pics or share your tips below.

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