Second Trimester Pregnancy Myths BUSTED!

July 09, 2015

By now, you’re at least in your 13th week – and the myths just keep on comin’

Bump position determines baby’s sex


Not so. There’s absolutely know way of knowing whether you’re having a boy or girl from outside the womb. But you’ve got a 50% chance of guessing correctly, so have a go anyway!


Cravings determine baby’s sex


They say (nobody has any idea who ‘they’ are by the way, but they’re a pretty big deal) if you crave savoury or salty foods, you’re going to have a boy; and if you crave sweets, it’s a girl. Both are scientifically false. So blame it on the boy, or the girl, the sunshine, or the moonlight; it’s just the boogie!


Heart rate determines baby’s sex



‘They’ also say a foetus with a slow heart rate means a boy’s on his way and a fast heart rate means it’s a girl. Not true. Generally, your unborn child’s heart rate is between 110 and 160 beats per minute. However, there are no studies showing a correlation between heart rate and sex.


Ring-On-A-String test



The tale goes, hold a piece of string with a ring through it over a baby bump and predict the sex of the baby depending on which direction the ring moves. The rules are, back and forth for a boy; and in a circle for a girl. Or is it the other way around? Either way, it’s pish tosh!


Wider nose means it’s girl



This hasn’t been proven. Nose swelling can be explained by increased estrogen levels, which increase blood flow to the mucous membrane, causing it to expand. But then again, who nose…


No manicures allowed!


How dare someone put such a disgusting myth out there?! It’s all down to a controversial ingredient called Dibutyl phthalate, also used in plastics, paint and ink. But fear not, ladies! The truth is, you would have to be exposed to nail products for a ridiculously extensive length of time before developing any issues. The worse that might happen during your fortnightly mani-pedi is nausea from the smell. Besides, not all cosmetic companies use the ingredient, so read the labels.


Back to your roots?



Some evil, no-doubt bald genius would have us believe we’re not allowed to keep our faux hair colour maintained in pregnancy. In fact, you can still dye your hair – but it’s best to opt for more natural, vegetable-based products. Check out these fabulous alternatives from our blog.


What other crazy pregnancy myths have you heard? Let us know and leave us a comment below.

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